Project highlights (from 2015)

Complete list of published papers

EPSRC Critical Mass Grant project highlights

EPSRC Second Phase Grant project highlights

RCUK BT Grant project highlights

  • Nature paper (2004) on experimental realisation of quasi-monoenergetic beams produced using laser wakefield acceleration (LWFA).
  • PRL paper (2004) on the electro-optic diagnostic for measuring fs electron bunch profiles.
  • PRL paper (2005) on calculations of efficiency and energy spread in LWFA.
  • PRL paper (2005) on generation of electrons in excess of 300MeV.
  • PRL paper (2006) on production of quasi-monoenergetic beams (50MeV) with somewhat relaxed laser requirements.
  • PRL paper (2006) on evidence of monoenergetic beam (150MeV) acceleration in the first plasma wave period.
  • Nature Physics paper (2006) on GeV monoenergetic beams accelerated in a plasma channel.
  • PRL paper (2007) on measurements and modelling of wave-breaking radiation during the generation of quasi-monoenergetic beams (40MeV).
  • PRL paper (2007) on the effects of laser-focusing conditions for monoenergetic beam (60MeV) acceleration.

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